Video I saw today – Why we over eat

I subscribe to a number of health feeds in twitter and on Facebook and one of those today referred me to a video I enjoyed watching. I usually enjoy AsapSciences videos and this one was no different. In fact as I am doing an online course on nutrition through Courssera I watched it twice. We have not touched on overeating yet in the course but you never know when things will come in handy.

The video (The Science of Appetite – Beating Overeating) is just under 2 minutes long but explained a few things for me and confirmed that Dukan is the right track for me to be on.

I feel I am more in touch with my hunger on Dukan and eat less for emotional reasons, maybe the video explains why that is.

About Michelle

I had long ago given up on dieting as nothing I tried worked. Then my Mum reccommended Dukan. Finally I have a diet that lets me lose weight.


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