About the Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet was started 30 years ago by Dr Dukan when a patient came to him overweight and asked for a diet that did not prevent him eating meat. Over the years and many patients Dr Dukan refined the diet and helped many people lose weight.

As will all things though the Dukan Diet will not suit everybody, but those it suits it works well for. I have heard that many people interviewed after stopping the diet part way through say they would use the method again when they decided to start on another diet.

The diet is a high protein low fat and low carbohydrate one and takes you through losing weight in 2 steps and keeping it off with another 2 steps.

What I like about the Diet

What I really like about the diet is there is no counting of anything. You have a list of allowed foods and you eat when you are hungry from those foods. I really like the no hassle thinking through calorie numbers of carbohydrate numbers to work out if I can eat anything. Having the 100 foods gives me security I am making a good choice, and it teaches me to listen to my body more.

In the past I have had problems with forgetting to eat for ages and then eating a big meal. Sure my calories for the day were within range and sure the food was lean meats with lots of vegetables, but I would ignore my bodies thirst and hunger signs. Eating most of my calories for a day in one meal does not suit my metabolism I think.

I have noticed I lose more weight when I eat smaller more frequent meals in the day on Dukan. I feel I am listening more to my bodies hunger and thirst signs. Not all the time. I still can get involved deeply in something and look up and realise I have ignored my hunger again. I am getting better though.

Dukan by it’s limitations is very freeing. The limitation is what foods you can eat. But that takes the stress of what to chose away and frees me to think about other things. It’s simple, its cut and dried and there is no measuring foods. I suits me.

When my mother introduced me to the diet she told me it was important to buy the book. I was glad she did the book laid out the process of developing the diet, some of the science behind it as well as the phases and foods to eat. I am a person who likes to see the whole picture and know there are facts backing a thing before I try it.

My mother’s friend said she referred back to the book as she entered each new phase and even copied out parts of the book for quick reference during the day as she got used to the rules.

Learning more about the Dukan diet

For example first read through I missed that there is a limit of 5 egg yolks a week. I got that if you have high cholesterol you should use only egg whites, but as I have, luckily, never had a problem with that I just took it as read that I could eat as many egg yolks as I liked. The diet worked better once I started obeying that rule.

If you are lucky your local library will have a copy or two of the book. If you borrow it from a library I recommend making notes, finding others to form a formal or informal support group (mine is made of people my mother knows who she introduced to it, or learned of it from), or pay to join the online coaching site. I was fine while my mother stayed with me for a month but after I felt a little vulnerable and decided that the investment of money would convince myself I was serious and the daily coaching would help me remember to keep on track to my goal is achieved.

Find your true weight

One thing you can do for free on the site is have it work out your ideal weight. There is a comprehensive questionnaire, that takes you diet history and other important things into consideration and then gives you a realistic weight to aim for. If you have the book you understand more how this weight is arrived at. The calculator itself though is valuable.

The calculator is on the first page and is called Find you true weight.

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