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So you have started the Dukan diet and you want some more recipes or you are dieting and have heard the dukan recipes are great and want to try some. Then you have come to the right place.

I married in June, so my Mother and children flew in from overseas. After the wedding my Mum told me about a new diet, she is good at sussing these things out. So contrary to the norm I began trying to lose weight, after the wedding and not before.

Diet History

I had given up dieting to lose weight years ago. Diets tended to let me lose a pound or two and then I would put on weight and get bigger and then stop. I tried Atkins, my ex cheated and lost weight on this and I maintained my weight. I tried the soup diet and found that did not work for me either.

I read that little changes can get you losing weight. Walk for 20 mins they said. I was already walking 40 minutes in my walk from train to work each end of the day, so I parked further from train so I added more walking. That did not work for me.

I tried cutting down quantities of what I ate by using the smallest dinner plate we had, still no change, I trained myself to drink hot drinks without sweetener, I slowly watered down my fruit juices so I had less calories from that, I gave up carbonated beverages. I cut fat off steaks and stopped eating the skin off chicken. I tried so many things None of those worked.

I decided to stop trying to lose weight, I decided that it was beter to eat healthily every day. I was a pretty healthy eater anyhow, but I stuck tot he changes I had made to lose weight and added small changes as I learnt of them adding in eating a small palmful of nuts most days, drinking more water, eating only dark, yummmy, chocolate and only a moderate piece a day. My Dr was worried about me for my weight and would often check my cholesterol and blood pressure. They were always good so that encouraged me that I was doing good for my body.

I resigned myself to being big. One relieving Dr asked me my weight, then suggested I was lying by getting me to then get on the scales with the comment “Is the here or at home weight, let us see what you really are?” She then put my height and weight into a web site and turned to me as if she was going to crush me with a big reveal. She told me I was officially obese. Like I did not have a mirror or scales of my own to know myself that I was somewhat large, enough to be called obese by current weight scales.

Starting Dukan Diet in Norway

But then my mother came to Norway and introduced me to Dukan. We had a houseful for the wedding and after for some had travelled far. Two of us “girls” started the Dukan Diet together. This was great as we backed each other up and it was very supportive that my mother had read the whole book and knew all about it too and had tips from people she knew who had used it.

So in July 2012 I was off to a good start on Dukan. Being on it a while now I thought there was recipes and advice I could share with others.

So here I will share recipes and a little of on experiences on Dukan. So dive right in and start exploring.

Yours in health


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