Protein punched Scrambled Eggs

I have always delighted in the taste of mushrooms, from when my mother told us how to identify mushrooms and go pick them in the fields. She would do the final inspection of what was edible or not and it was a pleasure to see my success rate improve over time.

Who could not like the warm earthiness mushrooms provide in the dishes they. Well that is my opinion anyhow, despite the fact I know people who won’t eat them on principle.

Tofu on the other hand, I did not like at our first meeting. It was white and tasteless. I had wanted to like it. I had bought it at an asian store and taken it home. I do not remember what I did with it, but lacking experience from anyone round me having cooked with it before I made a bland dish. I kept away from tofu for many years.

The we moved for my work to the capital. There were more variety of restaurants around and I made friends with people from more ethnic traditions. It was here I came across tofu for the second time, in a take out meal. I had not expected it to be in the dish from the name. The dish had meat in it. I had to admit, though, it was not bad. Not the star of the dish, but not the experience I remember when I first cooked it.

I had tofu several more times in take out food and warmed to the idea of trying to cook with it. The Saturday morning market had tofu I noticed one time and so I started to experiment with it.

The first dish I made that it tasted okay in was scrambled eggs. There were still eggs in the recipe, but I thought it must be healthier for my family to have less eggs in the scrambled eggs and more low fat protein from the tofu. As it was mashed when added to the eggs it was not visible to my children as they ate it and the eggs, herbs and the condiments they used with their scrambled eggs gave taste, to the anonymous and hidden tofu.

This for a couple of years was the only way I would cook tofu myself.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Scrambled Eggs a la Tofu

From Dukan Diet Recipes | Breakfast and Brunch | English and Irish

A tasty way to introduce someone to tofu. The normal eggs mix has a portion of mashed tofu added for a lower fat and tasty meal for anytime of the day.


cal Calories 150kcal

fat Total Fat 7g

sat fat Saturated Fat 2g

High chol Cholesterol 189mg

sodium Sodium 307mg

carbs Total Carbohydrate 5g

Serving size 185g Calories from fat 63kcal Fiber 0g Protein 16g Sugar 3g
1 servings


  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white
  • 50 grams tofu, mashed
  • 50 ml low fat milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano or herb of your choice
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Heat a pot or pan over a moderate heat and pour in the mixture.
  3. When the mix starts to set round the edges turn over.
  4. When the mixture starts to dry in places turn again so the wet mixture is on the bottom of the pan.
  5. Turn off the heat and let it cook, turn as needed to move uncooked mixture to the bottom of the pan.
  6. Remove from the heat.


  • Eggs get tough when cooked over high heats or for to long. Cook them for the minimum time needed.
  • Serve with topping of you choice, for example fresh chopped herbs,




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