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Surkål and Salmon

Norwegian Saurkraut Recipe – Surkål

When I moved to Norway a few years back I was pleased to find I enjoyed Sukål. Sukål is the Norwegian word for saurkraut. It makes such a great accompaniment to strong tasting or fatty meat dishes. Giving a cleansing taste with a little sweetness. Norwegian surkål differs from what I perceived sauerkraut to be […]

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Video I saw today – Why we over eat

I subscribe to a number of health feeds in twitter and on Facebook and one of those today referred me to a video I enjoyed watching. I usually enjoy AsapSciences videos and this one was no different. In fact as I am doing an online course on nutrition through Courssera I watched it twice. We […]

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Chicken scallopini

Chicken scallopini with herb and laughing cow cheese recipe

I found a recipe online for Chicken Scallopini and was going to make it for my hard working husband but he opted for Norwegian hotdogs in lompa instead. So I thought about how the make the recipe Dukan safe. It is not close to the orignal recipe now. I omitted hard cheese, wine, canned tomatoes among […]

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