Low Carb Bread Packet Mixes

I often feel like eating bread, there is the Dukan recipe from the book, but there are also more and more low carb packet mixes on the shelves of the grocery stores. Some with as low as 2 carbs per 100 gms cooked product.

The problem with these mixes is they seem more aimed at atkin’s diet followers and the end product is too high in fat. However, I have learnt that by eliminating the butter the recipes ask for you to add you can end up with a great end product.

Watch though, some mixes that claim to be low carbohydrate can have 28 or more carbs per 100 gms of cooked product, so dont just believe the label, look a little deeper. Make sure the ingredients are Dukan friendly too.

How I make up a packet mix is as follows:

  1. Add two table spoons oat bran to the flour mix.
  2. Replace the butter or oil with quark, yoghurt or low fat crème fresche
  3. Add egg even if the recipe does not call for it (optional)
  4. Replace the water with low fat milk (eg skim milk, soy milk)
  5. Follow the packet instruction with the above substitutions and bake as directed.

I do not eat a full loaf very quickly. I therefore freeze half the loaf . Otherwise I found I was throwing out bread. The bread freezes well and is great to use as the fresh baked.

You will find with these breads that they are more robust than “normal” bread and if you are toasting them I find I need to put it down twice in the toaster. Your toaster may be better than mine  though so judge for yourself.

I always pile lots of proteins on top of my toast on a PP day and less on a PV day so I can add some onion, tomato, cucumber etc.

I really enjoy eating something crunchy on these days.

Also you can try making a pizza with the bread mix. Cook the base till nearly ready then add cooked meats and on a PV day lots of veg. Cottage cheese is great on these as it goes all soft and stretchy.

So take a look on your grocery store shelves either near the baking flours or near the health area near the gluten free products and see if you have any mixes that can be adapted by substituting any “bad” ingredients you have to add with allowed. Thick dairy products work well for replacing butter and oil, and enjoy.

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