Om du er i Norge – If you’re in Norway

Om du er i Norge, her er Dukan ingredienser på norsk.

If you are in Norway, here are what the Dukan ingredients are called in norwegian. They are split up into groups:


Meat poultry and game
English Norwegian Information
antelope antilope
breasola/air-dried/wind dried beef
not yet found
calf’s liver
chicken liver
chicken stock
elk elg
fat reduced bacon
not yet found
grouse, black
guinea fowl
pre-cooked ham slices (without any fat or rind)
kokt skinke Kokt skinkeChoose the ham with a green keyhole  on packet as this is lower fat ham. It will say the fat content on the packet if it has the green keyhole I have found .The green keyhole indicates healthier choice in that range of foods.
nordhare, sørhare
høne older bird than chicken (Kylling) more suitable for boiling.
kidney nyre
liver lever
ostrich struts
pheasant> fasan
pigeon due
quail vaktel
rabbit vilkanin
reindeer reinsdyr or skogsrein
tongue tunge
turkey kalkun
veal kalv or kalvekjøtt
veal chop kalvkotelett
venison hjort

Norway has many dairy products and you are well served if these are among your favourite foods.

Dairy Products translated to Norwegian
English Norwegian Information
buttermilk (Fermented) kulturmelk Chose the lower fat option, called Skummet Kulture or Kulturemelk Skummet.
buttermik (Traditional) Kjernemelk
cottage cheese Cottage chese cottage cheeseChoose Mager Cottage Cheese as this is the lower fat option.
créme fraiche Créme fraiche Choose the Lett Créme fraiche as it is lower fat.Even though this is the lower fat option it is 18% fat so do not eat alone. I only use a tablespoon or two added to 500 ml or more liquids in a dessert. So the % fat is lowered.
kefir kefir
milk melk Choose from a variety of low fat milks:- Skummetmelk (skimmed milk)- Lett melk (low fat milk

– Ekstra lett melk (extra low fat milk)

My expereince is the low fat milks generally display clearly on the package the % fat (fett) in the milk. Avoid helmelk as this is full fat milk.

Tine Melk

powdered milk melkpulver, tørrmelk You are looking for Skummet melk pulver. This I have been unable to find.
quark kesam, kvarg Look for mager kesam as this is the lower fat option. There is also a mager vannilje kesam, this is a vannilla flavoured low fat quark which is way too yummy. I would like to eat just this, but my wiser side tells me not to.It tastes like it is full fat and oh so bad for you. My husband says I even look guilty when I eat it.

These are nicely in lighter coloured containers than the full fat versions.

soy milk soyamelk Most soy milks are low fat but you need to read the ingredients list to make sure it is not sweetened with sugar. Sugar in norwegian is sukker.
whey myse
yoghurt yoghurt The low fat brands I have found are:- yoplait dobbel 0%- activia 00%

both low fat, low sugar products.


yoghurt bringbaeryoghurt vanillje


If you want a change in menu or you are just avoiding dairy soy products are great. Try soy milk and soy yoghurt for a start.

English Norwegian Information
egg egg
soybean curd, tofu soyabønneost, tofu I find this is my local ethnic grocery store.
soy milk soyamelk

Norway has always been a great producer and exporter of fish so when you are in Norway enjoy all the seafood you can.

Sea Foods
English Norwegian Information
Bass havabbor
Calamari/squid akkar
Clams sandskjell
Cod (fresh) torsk
Cockles hjerteskjell
Crab krabbe
Crab/ocean sticks (surimi) crab sticks
Crawfish/crayfish ferskvannkreps / edelkreps
Dab/lemon sole sandflyndre / lomre
Dover sole tunge
Dublin Bay prawns sjøkreps
Grey mullet multe
Haddock hyse
Hake lysning
Halibut kveite
Herring sild
Lobster hummer
Mackerel makrell
Mediterranean prawn/gambas
Monkfish breiflabb
Mussels blåskjell
Oysters østers
Plaice rødspette
Pollock/Coley lyr
Prawns reke, reker
Rainbow trout/salmon trout
Red mullet rød mulle
Roe, fish (cod, salmon, herring, nitillet) rogn (torsk, laks, sild, _?_)
Salmon laks
Salmon, smoked røkelaks, røkt laks
Sardines sardin
Scallops kamskjell
Sea bream, porgies havkarusser
Swordfish sverdfisk
Trout ørret
Tuna tunfisk
Turbot piggvar
Whelks kongesnegl
Whiting hvitting

2 thoughts on “Om du er i Norge – If you’re in Norway”

  1. Hi!

    First off, thanks so much for making this list!
    I am very happy to finally find out what quark is in Norwegian, but what is fromage frais? I could not find it on your list, and it is so prevalent in the book. Is it kremost?


    1. Hi Kari,

      Sorry for delay in replying to you.

      I am glad you found the information useful.

      As for formage frais I did not use that.

      Kremost is I think cream cheese, probably higher fat content than is right for the Dukan diet unless you can find a very low fat (Mager, in Norwegian) version.

      Good luck on your Dukan journey.

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