Test batch of tofu

Tofu Trial

Recently I made soy milk for the first time. I was surprised how easy it was. It allows me to make soy milk without any additives including sugar. I found a few brands I have been buying have stabilisation agents I am not too happy with being there and some have too much sugar for a pure Dukan Diet. I have switched to a greener brand but wantedto try my hand at making my own so I have a back up.

I thought I would try my hand at turning a batch of my soy milk into tofu. If you have made cottage cheese before the process is quite similar.

Test batch of tofu
Test batch of tofu.

You can see above it was a small batch as I was not sure it would work. But I am pretty pleased with the result. I watched “How to make Tofu” by Happyingodslove on YouTube. I liked the video as it went at a measured pace, had clear written instructions on the screen, so I could pause to take in a bit of information when I needed to.

I used the lemon juice method. It came out with small curds, not the solid one shown in the video but this enabled me to skip the break it apart step as it already was broken apart. As a side product of making soy milk you also make Okara which I used today also in a low carb bread I baked. I feel very productive today, also having done the first steps in making surkål, the Norwegian form of Saurkraut. I will write another post soon about that.

There are lots of written instructions on the net you may prefer to use, but I like seeing how things are done, I find I pick it up quicker than just reading.

I do not have a tofu press. So for this experiment I used a sieve lined with cheesecloth and a weighted plate that fit inside the curve of the sieve.

I have had a taste of the result and am pretty happy. I think I just added Tofu Press to my wish list, even though the sieve method is functional. In fact if I talk nicely to my clever son-in-law he might make me one, then I could have nice straight blocks of tofu instead of rounded circles.

I was surprised that the tofu only needed to be pressed for 20 – 30 minutes depending on the firmness you want.

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